Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It was Worth the Wait.

Normally here in Florida, the winter months are prime garage sale-ing months, but its been so cold that nobody has had sales. This past Saturday was sunny and gorgeous, perfect treasure hunting weather. The first couple of sales we hit had mostly childrens things and I was able to get a couple of outfits for my granddaughters and some onesies for my soon to be born grandson.
Then we came upon a small sale that we almost didn't stop at. I'm glad we did because look what I found!

I'm a sucker for old china. I can never pass up a tiered server, or 1920's Noritake.

I bought this vintage cookie press too. Along with being in the original box, it still has its original recipe book.

At another sale I bought these Pier One pillows and a matching brown lampshade for a total of $7! Now if I can just get the perfume-y Pier One smell off of them.



Anonymous said...

I need to go with you to garage sales. More often than not, I stop and it's all plastic toys, children's clothes and dollar store stuff. Sometimes I just slowly cruise by and eyeball what's out. Estate sales are my favorite. But you really scored some nice stuff! I'm a sucker for old china, too.


Linda said...

In love with that pink and white plate!!! Great finds!

Elisabeth said...

The Crane plate is gorgeous!

As for the smell- I hate Febreeze type smells, but I swear by Rosemary water to get weird smells out. Just put a few drops Rosemary oil or some fresh, smashed up rosemary in a sprayer with water. Ta-daa! No more funky smell!

hilltopper said...

would it offend you if i drooled on your tiered serving dish?

and good luck with the Pier 1 stank, it still haunts my dreams.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Fabulous!! I am so envious of that beautiful tiered tray and the cushions are gorgeous too!

Mimi said...

Fantastic finds...love the lamp shade, but my favorite is the pink and white plate. I am waiting for the weather to warm here so that I can go garage saling!

Lisa said...

The cookie press brings a lot of memories.... my mom had one when I was little... She did not use it much.

NJDecorator said...

I love the pillows!