Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My $400 Dining Room Set.

That's what we paid for it second hand, nearly 15 years ago, and the set includes a table with 2 leaves, 6 chairs, a buffet and a china cabinet. As you can see, it looks pretty good, but...its not my style anymore.


I want to change my dining room to something more current and with cleaner lines; and yet I love this Paula Dean Round Pedestal Table, (Who knew Paula Dean had a line of furniture?) that I found on the fabulous CSN shopping site. (I've been searching Craigslist for ages with no luck.) I like the chairs that they've paired with it too, but wonder if these chairs would work as well, even thought they have very straight legs. What do you think?

Now that I'm a grandma, I want to be REALLY careful not to have a grandma looking home. Any suggestions on a dining set?


Sarah said...

Hmmmm... LOVE the table and I almost love the chairs that go with it. But I really dislike the legs on the chairs. I really like the straighter legs on the other ones you posted but I kind of wish I could combine the two... love the upholstered seats and curve to the body shape of the chair backs on the first set, but love the casual vibe and straight legs of the second. DEFINITELY love the table!! So not grandma. :-)

anonymous said...

The table is great! Who knew Paula could do anything besides cook stuff like Crispy Creme Donut bread pudding?! Why don't you keep the chairs you have, spray paint them white or any other color of your choice, and recover the seats in any un-grandmotherly fabric(s) you choose? It's a snap with a staple gun. I did it with some $10 flea market chairs, spray-painted white and lightly sanded for a chippy look. I liked them just as much as the $375.00 @ chairs I saw in a Pottery Barn calalog!

Ellen said...

I saw a similar set on a design show the other day (Home Heist, to be specific, but I think it's only in Canada). What they did with it to update the look was paint it all a gloss black. They painted the dining room bright yellow with wallpaper on one wall (yellow with black pagodas). It was a bit over the top but the furniture looked fantastic. White could work too.

Anonymous said...

my first thought when i saw the pretty details on the chairs was that you have got to paint them an antique white! (you've got to! you know, listen to someone floating through your blog who you've never met before! ;)).. but i think it would look so nice and brighten things up amazingly.

whatever you decide, have fun. i think the dining table is such an important hub of the home and family life... you've got to enjoy your time there.

~ ana

Eric said...

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