Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm a Bag Lady

Brewier found this Samsonite Leather computer bag for me at a garage sale for $7! Its so Out of Africa, I love it! So does Brewier...he keeps trying to talk me out of it.


The same day I found this handbag at Goodwill for $5.....before Brewiers 10% senior citizen discount.



pk said...

ok , this post is from the 14th of January. Am I supposed to believe you have not been to another thrift shop since then and or that you have not found a tremondous deal at one ??????? Come on ........hugs, pk

candeelady said...

Love the color - I'm a green lover

sassy stephanie said...

I found you through your SITS feature today!

I love love this green bag. I would gladly have paid retail for it!